30 Years Experiences
Metal Fabrication

Machinable metal materials: stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, titanium, titanium alloy, etc.

Hi-Tech Equipments
Quality Essurance

We have great metal fabrication Equipments from Germay, USA, Europe, etc.Auotmatic Metal Fabrication Processing.

Aviation & Train Cart
Hongfang MetalFab

We are a precision sheet metal fabrication enterprise integrating product development, design, manufacture, installation, after-sales, and marketing.

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Professional/Good quality/New process

30 Years Experiences

We provide high quality Metal Fab serivce and products since 1990s.

High Tech Equipments

Full line Metal Fab High Tech Equipments Form USA , Germany, etc.

High Quality Products

100% Hard Examnation Processing, High Quality Guarenteed.

Perfect Customer Feedback

We provide our porducts to China Airlines, Emu Trains with great feedback.

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Qingdao Hongfang Aviation Metal Fabrication Co., Ltd

Welcome to Qingdao Hongfang Aviation Metal Fabrication Co. Ltd!

Hongfang is one of the largest sheet metal manufacturing factory in China.Is a precision sheet metal fabricator,for stainless steel,Aluminum alloy,Titanium alloy and other sheet metal products.                                

It is also the largest factory for aviation trolleys.Provide a variety of trolley products and other metal parts (motor car service carts, trucks, cleaning cars, cleaning boxes, thermal insulation barrels, safety crossing boards, model train keys, etc).

We accept orders large and small, so contact us today.


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CNC Machining










Our Products HereMetal Fabrication

sales trolleys

Aviation Cart

Railway Catering Trolley

Aviation Trolley

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Qingdao Hongfang Metal Fabrication

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Hongfang train safety crossing board.


Qingdao Hongfang’s latest order show, train safety crossing board. It uses high-quality FRP raw materials and is processed through cutting,...

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Customized sheet metal products


As a manufacture,Qingdao hongfang have ability to provide customized metal parts. The following cabinet is a customized products, Its size...

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Problems in the metal bending process


The bending edge is not straight and the size is unstable. Reason 1.The design process does not arrange crimping or...

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