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Qingdao Hongfang Aviation Metal Fabrication Co. Ltd

What service can we offer?

What products can we produce?

1. Metal shells, chassis, cabinets, non-standard custom sheet metal parts, auto metal fittings, etc.

2.Aviation trolleys(inflight carts),sales carts, service carts, dinner carts, wine cabinet carts, document storage carts, 

3.  Metal ancillary facility of Railway and Airplane ,motor car service carts, trucks, cleaning cars, cleaning boxes, thermal insulation barrels, safety crossing boards, model train keys, stainless-steel kitchen utensils, and other sheet metal processing products.


Types of Sheet Metal Fabrication Materials

There are numerous types of sheet metals available that are suitable for various fabrication processes. The primary metals available include:

  • Steel – all four classifications of steel are prominent for robust strength, ductility, and resistance to corrosion
  • Aluminum – a relatively lightweight metal with high strength
  • Magnesium – a shiny, lightweight, and strong metal with low density making it adequate for structures that require stiffness
  • Bronze – a very high ductile metal with a low melting point
  • Copper – a soft and malleable metal with heat and electrical conductivity

What is the Sheet Metal Fabrication Process?

Sheet metal fabrication refers to multiple processes that alter a metal sheet’s original shape to produce desired parts and products.

The manufacturing steps are procedural and must incorporate the right processes to give out a desired final product.

There are three primary steps in the fabrication process. Following each process guarantees the production of high-quality final products.

1. Cutting

The cutting process is complex and depends on the type of material. Also, the preferred final product plays a crucial role in the selection of the cutting process. The main cutting processes include:

  • Mechanical cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Punching
  • Shearing
  • Waterjet cutting

2. bengding and welding

It is the process of bending the sheet metal into desired shapes. The manufacturer uses methods like air bending, roll forming, and coining in this process.

3. Joining/Assembly

Joining is the process of assembling together different components of the metal to achieve the desired product. This process can include welding (MIG, TIG, laser welding, spotwelding), riveting, or the use of hardware fasteners.

Hongfang history

Established in 1990
Qingdao Hongfang Aviation Equipment Metal Fabrication Co. Ltd, formerly known as Qingdao Hongfang Products Factory, was established in the 1990s. We are a precision sheet metal fabrication enterprise integrating product development, design, manufacture, installation, after-sales, and marketing. 

Qingdao Hongfang

15,000m2 Factory
We have more than 100 employees on board, including 10 professional and technical personnel, who utilize a large number of large-scale lasers, cutting machines, light cutting machines, CNC bending machines, shearing machines, and other equipment imported from abroad to fully meet various market demands. We have obtained National Air Transport Association GB/T19001-2008 quality management system certification, as well as CIC, SGS, and CTSOA certifications.

Our existing customers are mainly located in mainland China – particularly the East, North, South and Southwest provinces – and our company undertakes the overhaul of more than 600 trains of CSR Group every year.

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