Qingdao Hongfang is a factory who provide metal manufacturing service.
The following are the services we can provide.

The company’s main precision sheet metal custom processing businesses include:

professional production of high-precision and difficult chassis shells, electrical cabinets, aluminum products, hardware products, environmental protection equipment, auto bodies, auto parts and accessories, trailers, agricultural By-product equipment, mechanical equipment, rolling advertising light boxes, bus shelter billboards, newsstands, etc.

Widely used in public utilities, communications, electricity, power supplies, air conditioning, industrial control, power amplifiers, transportation, advertising production and other industries.

Mainly divided into the following series:

1. Laser cutting sheet metal processing series: processing sheet metal according to customer drawings; metal sheet cut to size,like stainless steel plate cutting,Aluminium cutting,galvanised sheet cutting, etc.


2. Mechanical shell sheet metal processing series: automobile body, auto parts and accessories, electromechanical, packaging, printing, ceramics, injection molding, elevators and other large mechanical sheet metal structures;

3. Chassis and electrical cabinet sheet metal processing series: communication cabinets, power distribution cabinets, switch cabinets, transfer boxes, control boxes, housings of household appliances, etc.;

4. Public utility sheet metal processing series: bus shelters, ATM teller machine shells, environmental protection boxes, water purification equipment, desks, file cabinets, teaching podiums, etc.;

5. Medical equipment sheet metal processing series: operating room wall panels, equipment cabinets, laboratory tables, operating tables, medical beds, medical purification equipment, etc.;

6. Decorative engineering sheet metal processing series: indoor and outdoor rolling advertising light boxes, LED electronic displays, aluminum ceilings, aluminum curtain walls, aluminum profiles, etc.;

7. Stainless steel sheet metal processing series: stainless steel bathroom cabinets, stainless steel sheet metal parts, stainless steel shells, stainless steel tables and chairs, etc.;

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