We are a sheet metal manufacturer, providing customers with customized services for non-standard sheet metal products.

And also provide trolleys & carts:airline trolleys,aircraft carts,sky carts,Please see the following products.

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The trolleys are used in flight,in hotel,in the train,any where they can be used.

Aviation trolleys: Atlas,there full size trolleys and half size trolleys,they all with ice-drawer.

Our aviation trolley has obtained China’s airworthiness certificate-CTSOA,quality assurance.

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And here trolleys are specially used on high-speed trains. Their size, color, etc. can be changed.

All kinds of sales trolleys, garbage trolleys, service trolleys.

In addition, customers can customize metal trolleys according to their own requirements.

These customers usually come from hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other service industries.

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