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Hongfang bending products show.

The latest bending parts order received!

All the sheet metal processing services , laser cutting and welding services!

Hongfang’s new product-thermos bottle

The latest product display in 2022
This product won a big order in the first month of the new year! Become the star product of Qingdao Hongfang!

QingdaoHongfang stainless steel trolley for sales

Size: 805mm×280mm×H880mm

ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System;
GB / T24000-ISO14000 Environmental Management Series Standard;
GB 9684-1988 “Stainless Steel Desume Container Health Standard”

Qingdao Hongfang stainless steel trolley for dining

Size: 805 × 285 × H740
950 × 300 × h824

Maximum load is 150kg,

Used life 5 years.

Hongfang train safety crossing board.

Qingdao Hongfang’s latest order show, train safety crossing board.

It uses high-quality FRP raw materials and is processed through cutting, bending, welding and other processes.

Its size and structure are modified according to customer needs.

The appearance is very beautiful, and it has a highly stable structure and strong durability.

The surface is sprayed with resin rubber, the bottom is designed with rubber protection, and the four corners are designed with stainless steel protection, which is durable.

Customized sheet metal products

As a manufacture,Qingdao hongfang have ability to provide customized metal parts.

The following cabinet is a customized products, Its size and structure are modified according to customer needs.The appearance will be coated.

This is a semi-finished product. It uses high-quality stainless steel raw materials, processed by cutting, bending, welding and other processes. It has a beautiful appearance, a high-stability structure and strong durability.

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